We’re building a customised social media site using WordPress, using the Buddypress plugin as starting point. Would anyone be able to recommend a free theme from wordpress.org / with a GPL license that we could use as a starting point?

We’ve tried browsing https://wordpress.org/themes/tags/buddypress/ but would appreciate any inputs on anyone’s experience on a good theme for this purpose.

We’re be looking for:

  1. Tidy (dare I say Facebook?) type layout for posts – with thumbnails

  2. Customisable two / three column layouts for post feed page

  3. Tidy simple forms (to use for registration / sign-in etc)

A simple (lightweight) theme. We plan to do some code and style changes to the theme, but are looking for a good starting point… if one exists.

Read more here: Free WordPress theme for social media site


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