giving woocommerce shop a parent page

I’d like all my woocommerce pages (shop, cart, checkout) to be below a page “store” I’ve created, so that breadcrumbs using Breadcrumb NavXT will show store as parent (I’ve hidden the woocommerce breadcrumbs).

When I try to edit Shop page and give it the parent “store”, the page is visible under store but only renders “Showing the single result” and no product (I only have one product defined on my test system).

In order to correct this I have had to delete the page, which puts shop back under the home page (no parent) from the user’s perspective.

Is there any way to have the Shop page “below” another page created by me, so that navigation breadcrumbs will show it as such?

I tried posting on woocommerce plugin support page, but got no response in three days. Maybe impatient, but if I get answers in either place I will cross post. Reference

Read more here: giving woocommerce shop a parent page

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