Google Maps –> No map. Just grey background

I’m a rookie with JS, and I’ve tried all I can with this one…

I’m running WP with a plugin (FacetWP Map) that I just can’t get working.

Source code for the plugin can be found here:

My problem is very likely to be found in the plugin but can anyone spot if this is something general that I can fix?

I’ve tried:

  • enabling twenty sixteen (so it’s not a conflict with my theme)
  • disabling all other plugins (not a conflict with a plugin)
  • setting “overflow: visible” for the map
  • changing “img {max-width}”
  • tried loading different versions of google maps api (e.g. 3.20, 3.26 and 3.27)
  • switched map api keys (they work fine elsewhere)

The non functional google map can be seen at ““.

When dragging on the map the errors in the attached

enter image description here

Read more here: Google Maps –> No map. Just grey background

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