I’m a rookie with JS, and I’ve tried all I can with this one…

I’m running WP with a plugin (FacetWP Map) that I just can’t get working.

Source code for the plugin can be found here: github.com/FacetWP/facetwp-map

My problem is very likely to be found in the plugin but can anyone spot if this is something general that I can fix?

I’ve tried:

  • enabling twenty sixteen (so it’s not a conflict with my theme)
  • disabling all other plugins (not a conflict with a plugin)
  • setting “overflow: visible” for the map
  • changing “img {max-width}”
  • tried loading different versions of google maps api (e.g. 3.20, 3.26 and 3.27)
  • switched map api keys (they work fine elsewhere)

The non functional google map can be seen at “http://startupcommunity.dk/resources/“.

When dragging on the map the errors in the attached

enter image description here

Read more here: Google Maps –> No map. Just grey background


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