Google Search – WordPress Intermitent Virus Redirect

In the last few weeks our teen has been experiencing malicious redirects on our wordpress blog. We receive 2500 pageviews per day on average, and after the infection, our vistis dropped to 1500 top. Every day, they dont go past 1500-1550, and before the infection, this numbers used to vary a lot.

You can check searching “ mundo cogumelo” on Google and clicking on some links.

When you search on Google, links to our blog are redirected to survey websites, like “You are today’s lucky visitor”. This dont always happens: it stops for a few hours and then returns back. Only a few links of the total links clicked have this behaviour.

I checked .htaccess, and all wp files with Wordfence and other security plugins. They indeed showed some suspicious files that were removed. But the problem still remains.

Me and my team dont know what to do anymore.

I cant say wich domains it redirects to, because it changes everytime. The redirect always shows the same message, but with different domains, always with subdomain included (

Does anyone have an approach to this?

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