Gravity form ajax is not giving any response in BlockRevealers popup

Gravity form is working with magnific popup, not working with this block revealer.
I checked default form ajax and it is working in the block revealer.
Please check the html and js code.

Block Revealer used – Block Revealer


    <button id="event-rental-form-trigger" class="btn btn-primary" 
      title="Click Me">Click Me</button>

     <div id="event-rental-modal" class="modal">

       <span id="event-rental-modal-close" class="i-close event-rental-modal-close"></span>

       <div class="form-block caps">
          <h2 class="text-center pad-bottom-sm">Event Rental Request</h2>
          <?php echo do_shortcode('[gravityform id=1 title=false description=false ajax=true]'); ?>
       </div><!-- .form-block -->

     </div><!-- .modal -->


if ($('#event-rental-modal').length) {
var eventRentalModalEl = document.querySelector('#event-rental-modal'),
        eventRentalModalRevealer = new RevealFx(eventRentalModalEl),
        //deleteCtrl = modalEl.querySelector('#newsletter-form-trigger'),
        eventRentalModalCloseCtrl = eventRentalModalEl.querySelector('#event-rental-modal-close');

document.querySelector('#event-rental-form-trigger').addEventListener('click', function () {
    bgcolor: '#393E46',
    direction: 'tb',
    duration: 400,
    easing: 'easeOutCirc',
    onCover: function (contentEl, revealerEl) { = 1;
    onComplete: function () {
      eventRentalModalCloseCtrl.addEventListener('click', closeEventRentalModal);

function closeEventRentalModal(ev) {
  eventRentalModalCloseCtrl.removeEventListener('click', closeEventRentalModal);
    bgcolor:'event-rental-modal-close') ? '#393E46' : '#FFB823',
    direction: 'bt',
    duration:'even-rental-modal-close') ? 200 : 400,
    easing: 'easeOutCirc',
    onCover: function (contentEl, revealerEl) { = 0;
    onComplete: function () {


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