Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing w/Dynamic Field Population?

I have setup an event registration form which is dynamically populated with event info via the shortcode for the form. Works great.

We offer earlybird pricing for some of our events, but the Conditional Pricing Perk does not have the capability to define the price using a variable.

I’m trying to calculate the price using Javascript in an HTML field on the form. I can use other dynamically populated fields and a date function to accomplish the task. How do I get and set values of the fields on the form? For example, the Form # is 88. The Product Field # is 48, and I see that the Product Label has the class of “gfield_label”. But this does not work:
document.getElementById(“field_88_48”).getElementsByClassName(“gfield_label”)[0].html=”My Field”; (.innerHTML does not work either)
Similarly, how would I grab the value from a Number Field whose ID is 44?

Or maybe I’m taking the wrong approach?


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