i asked for help on how to change the post url of the wordpress manually

in these to topics

is there any way to edit post url

change post url to subdomain

but no one answer me

so i am asking again if anyone can help me understanding this php if statement

        //replace all feed rules
        $rules["feed/(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$"]  = "index.php?category_name=" . $this->subdomain->slug . "&feed=$matches[1]";
        $rules["(feed|rdf|rss|rss2|atom)/?$"]       = "index.php?category_name=" . $this->subdomain->slug . "&feed=$matches[1]";

        if ( 0 == $this->settings[ 'using_index' ] ) {
            $rules2 = array();
            $rules2["$"]                            = "index.php?category_name=" . $this->subdomain->slug . "&p=17";
            $rules2["page/?([0-9]{1,})/?$"]         = "index.php?category_name=" . $this->subdomain->slug . "&p=17&paged=$matches[1]";
            $rules = $rules2 + $rules;

thanks in advance

Read more here: help me understanding this


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