Helpdesk solution which is not form based

I have been looking into Helpdesk plugins for wordpress, and there seem to be a repeating pattern. All the solutions i have looked at are all based on forms. Meaning, the customers have to fill out forms, that are converted to a ticket.
I would like a way to create an intuitive visual portal, where the customer can click on pictures to create a support request ticket, is that possible?.

An example: a customer (in this case a home user), has issues with a laptop, sometimes the laptop freezes. The user finds the portal I have build, and is able to click on “support request”, click on a picture of a laptop, and is then presented with a page with pictures of all the common errors (eg laptop freezing), edited or created by me, the user can then click on the error, and is then taken to a new page where he/she is prompted to fill out additional info & contact info and click “send”.

A live example (not wordpress)

Is it possible within the wordpress framework to create something like what I have tried to explain above?

To your knowledge, has a plugin like this already been created for wordpress?

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