Hide display settings in WordPress media edit popup

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I want to hide DISPLAY SETTINGS in the Image Details popup – highlighted in this image.

This section is not under a single div, so could not use jQuery to hide (will ave to hide individual items – seemed hacky). When I checked wp-includes/js/media-views.js there is a section:

     * Reset the attachment display settings defaults to the site options.
     * If site options don't define them, fall back to a persistent user setting.
     * @since 3.5.0
    resetDisplays: function() {
            var defaultProps = wp.media.view.settings.defaultProps;
            this._displays = [];
            this._defaultDisplaySettings = {
                    align: getUserSetting( 'align', defaultProps.align ) || 'none',
                    size:  getUserSetting( 'imgsize', defaultProps.size ) || 'medium',
                    link:  getUserSetting( 'urlbutton', defaultProps.link ) || 'none'

But I dont know how to configure/overridew this (if at all possible) to hide the section. Any help is appreciated. My WordPress version is 4.7.2.

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