my friend suggested that if i use this code into my php website i can increase my website speed but i am using wordpress , I tried but it says i have to add this line in the body part of php file but problem is in the wordpress there is header.php and then there are many other files which serve as body part of website like page.php and post.php so i am not getting how to add this line of code into wordpress ?

<?*php ob_flush();* ?>
<?php flush(); ?>

First question : Please tell me should i need to use this line of code if i am using wp super cache plugin ? or these line does something different than wp super cache ?

Second question : How and where should i add these code , what is the proper format and proper use ?

Thanks in advance :)

Read more here: How add this code " <?*php ob_flush();* ?> <?php flush(); ?>" in wordpress?


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