I am currently working on a WordPress powered website, with WooCommerce functionality.

The website I am working on, will be selling a mixture of non-customisable products and customisable products.

Customisable Products

Client wants customers to be able to go to a Product Page and be able to enter their custom text (to be applied to the desired product) via a Text Box. If nothing is entered, then the ‘Pay Button’ will be greyed out.

Current Thoughts

My first thoughts on this is to create a Custom Tab for the Product Data Box, within the Backend of the Product Page. Entitle this as ‘Custom Letter Prices’. Create a Text Field for said Custom tab, just like the Price Field, and enter the Price for each letter entered.

Then create a Text Box for the Product Page itself, so that people can enter their desired text, upto a maximum of 16 letters.

Is anyone aware on whether the above would work and if so, point me in the right direction on achieving the above? I am confident I can work out how to create a Custom Tab/Field and create a Custom Text Box on the Product Page but not entirely sure how they would ‘communicate’ with eachother, so that the Text Box would recognise how much to add to the Product Price, based on the amount in the Custom Tab.

Any help on this matter, would be greatly appreciated.

Read more here: How can I charge someone, based on the amount of characters entered into a Custom Text box?


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