how change my menu on submenu

i have one options in my menu and i wont change it on submenu but i have only fails…

// Call Terms_and_conditions_menu is function which load plugin menu
add_action( 'admin_menu', 'Terms_and_conditions_menu' );

// Add to WordPress admin menu
if( !function_exists("Terms_and_conditions_menu") )
function Terms_and_conditions_menu(){

  $page_title = 'WordPress Extra Post Info';
  $menu_title = 'Terms And Conditions';
  $capability = 'manage_options';
  $menu_slug  = 'terms-post-info';
  $function   = 'terms_post_info_page';
  $icon_url   = 'dashicons-media-code';
  $position   = 4;

  add_menu_page( $page_title,
                 $position );

Tag my menu where i want add it is: wpjb-config

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