I have a localhost wordpress website on xampp, and I would like to access it from another computer, how do I do it?
So far I’ve tried the following actions with no success:

  1. Go to Admin Panel > Settings > General and replace localhost with your ip-address for WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL).

  2. edit httpd.conf file in notepad
    Search for Listen 80
    Above line would read like- #Listen /
    Change the IP address and replace it with the static IP
    Save the httpd.conf file ensuring that the server is pointed to #Listen

  3. In the application root config.php (db connection) replace localhost with IP address of the server

  4. Add in httpd.conf:
    Allow from all

  5. changed the structure of .htaccess

  6. Add in Directory in httpd-xampp.conf:
    Require local

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