I created a Thesis WordPress blog several years ago, and have been making some changes. I have also created a landing page more recently in Bootstrap that I would like to add as a static home page to the Thesis site.

But, since I’ve added the Bootstrap files to the root directory, I haven’t been able to use Thesis’ native editor to edit my Thesis blog pages. When I click on the “Skin Editor” button, I get taken to my static landing page with a new URL “http://nathanmeffert.com/?thesis_editor=1“.

As an attempt to fix this, I followed WordPress’ directions on giving a blog its own directory, but this hasn’t made a difference. I still end up unable to access the editor.

I know that it would be better to build the site from scratch EITHER using Bootstrap or Thesis, but I am trying to avoid that.

Any advice on this would be hugely appreciated! My landing page is at http://www.nathanmeffert.com. The rest of the site is in the subdirectory “site”.

Read more here: How do I add a static Bootstrap page to a Thesis WordPress site?


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