I’m running a wordpress-based website, and we have a contact form set up across many of our pages, and have been able to get a URL parameter passed into contact form 7 when traffic is dropped to a specific page.

Ie http://url.com/sub-page?value=intoemail

Which is fine, as this is dropped into the email we recieve via the [_url] parameter in the body of the text.

However, I am trying to have it so that this value gets relayed through people’s visits. Currently if I send traffic to http://url.com/?value=intoemail and then they clicked the sub-page, the ?value=intoemail is dropped, and therefore not being fed into the contact form.

It’s for tracking advertising/analytics, and ideally using a non-cookie solution

I’m not a programmer, but was wondering if someone could point me to a plugin, or show me where I can edit wordpress core files to enable this functionality?


Read more here: How do I pass URL parameters/values between wordpress pages?


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