How do I start using an external API and PHP for a page?

I have created some reports for some web pages that use JavaScript HTTP Requests to retrieve some data from an API.
I would like to use the reports on some WordPress pages.
I have done a lot of searching and reading.
I am a complete beginner at customizing a WordPress page.
While I don’t mind experimenting, I would rather get some guidance for how to proceed.

The options appear to be:

Use a plugin to allow JavaScript on a WordPress page.

Use PHP to call the API, and then use PHP to create the HTML to display the data returned returned from the API.

I think the second one would be better because learning to use PHP on a WordPress page would allow for more options in the future.

I have worked in software development. I have done some programming on my own in JavaScript and Python3. I am currently going through some courses at to learn PHP. I am confident that I can pick it up or find what I need online to create the code I need.

I have found this plug-in:
It appears to allow me to use PHP on a WordPress page.

I also found this:
WordPress has the HTTP API.

There are linked pages that explain how to make a request and get a response code and data:

I have no problem understanding this because I did the web pages using JavaScript to get API data.

I just don’t understand how to start using it. Is this a plugin? I don’t think so. I think it is built-in code that I can just use.

So, can I just use the GET and Response Code functions in this reference in my PHP code once I have installed that first plug-in? (Did I mention that I am a complete beginner with customizing a WordPress page?)

I have found a number of websites explaining how to install a plug-in.
I have found some websites explaining how to use the WP HTTP API.
But, I need an even more basic explanation as to how to start with the WP HTTP API, and how to combine all of this. I haven’t found that anywhere.

My next steps appear to be:

Install that plug-in (php-everywhere).
Write some simple PHP code to create some HTML to test it on a test page.

Write a simple API call using the GET and Response Code functions from the Codex pages.
Once I get some data successfully returned, I can then write more PHP code to incorporate the returned data.
(I can use the web pages written in JavaScript as a guide to write the PHP to display the data.)

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