Two months ago I launched a wordpress website(www). It didn’t do so well so I decided to create a subdomain (develop) and create a new site on there.

After completing development I was instructed to copy the files from the sub(develop) over to the main(www)

This worked fine and everything was displaying as it should on the new www site, however.

I’ve recently installed the facebook-for-woocommerce-1.2.4 on my WordPress shop. When I push my products to facebook they get listed with my develop domain.

From my limited wordpress/woocommerce/facebook knowledge I found that the URL is called via get_home_url(). I’ve contacted facebook, my ISP and WooCommerce if they know how I can correct this but they couldn’t give me the answer.

It’s most likely in the database (they said) but I have less knowledge with mySql than PHP. I’ve clicked through the tables but found nothing.

All my permalinks are set up correctly, unless there is a hidden one I missed.

Can anyone assist me with this?

Read more here: How do you change the URL that is pushed from Woocommerce to the facebook shop?


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