I’m working on a theme that I don’t want to be public or available via the default WordPress directory, as it’s going to be a framework that we use to develop a variety of websites we host.

Now, I wanted to know what methods you use for ensuring all your themes are up to date and the user is aware of any changes.

Allow me to explain;

When I deploy the theme and build the website all is fine. A few weeks go by and I add a new feature to the theme, make improvements, etc…

Now I want to distribute it to all the websites I host, but I also want the client to get a dismissable notification when they get a new version.

I know there are hooks for updating plugins and themes, but they don’t seem to work on manual FTP upload. So, I wonder how any of you perhaps tackle this task.

Kind regards.

(Posting via my Phone. Sorry for any errors)

Read more here: How do you manage your theme versions when privately distributing?


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