How to add a WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control()?

I know that there’s no proper way to add another WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control() than to just add_theme_support( 'custom-header' ). So, I just add a WP_Customize_Image_Control() with other alternative controls to achieve the same functionalities as WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control().

Now, how can I add a WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control(), I already did this but my customize stop running, my page shows blank page?

$wp_customize->add_setting( 'layout_container_imageposition', array(
    'default'         => 'center center',
    'transport'       => 'postMessage',
) );
    new WP_Customize_Background_Position_Control(
            'label'           => __( 'Image Position', 'dynamicb3' ),
            'section'         => 'layout_container',

Can some figure it out? Or it’s the same as WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control() that no proper way to duplicate?

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