This is an example I’m trying to achieve.

Let say I have the USA states and each state has 5 cities and a custom template with content for each state.

I want to alternate/change the city names on each city page without changing the content.

If I visit California, then I click San Diego I want it to say blah blah blah Sandiego blah blah blah, then if I click on Los Angeles I want it to say blah blah blah Los Angeles blah blah blah.

I’m doing templates on the hierarchy that will have this content.

I’m trying to save time by creating one template and alternating the names of the cities around the text.

the content can stay the same, just the cities have to change one each state.

I created one template for each state, tho I need to use that same template for each city.

Read more here: how to alternate or change words on WordPress templates?


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