How to Collect User Entry Data on WordPress Site in Table Form?

I’m developing a new WordPress site from an old FrontPage site. I’d like the users to be able to enter data into a table like form, press submit and have the entry emailed to the admin. (Note: The spreadsheet does some calculations with the data entered.)

The current site uses an old application called WebWorksheet. I’d like to update it and am trying to determine the best method for doing so. Here are some options I’m looking at:

Option 1 – Embed Excel Sheet
I can embed an excel sheet into WordPress. The user can enter data on the sheet but I don’t see a clean way for the user to click a button and have the information emailed without going through download, save, etc.

Option 2 – Use Form Plugin
I’ve evaluated ContactForm7, NinjaForms and GravityForms plugins for this as well. These each have different capabilities but I’m trying to limit the cost to the client.

Option 3 – IFTTT or Zapier?
Should I be looking at IFTTT or Zapier to do this? This doesn’t seem to be a clean way and could lead to more maintenance/problems in the future should they lose connection to the site, etc. Doesn’t seem ideal.

Option 4 – Another Option?

I’d like this to be as easy and clean for the user as possible. Has anyone done something like this and have suggestions? Thanks!

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