How to create a crowd-sourced database?

I’m looking to create a crowd-sourced dictionary/encyclopedia of names for indigenous plants in undocumented languages. I’m having trouble figuring out how to implement this. The central feature of this is that it shouldn’t be difficult for people to add data to this. I have thought of some possible ways but I’m still unsure of the simplest way to go about this. I have no experience with online databases as I only make static sites and WordPress sites so any tutorials you can lead me to would be extremely helpful.

  1. A simple website (can be a WordPress site or wiki) where you can see plants by name/category/location and select a plant to either add a name-language ID to.

  2. Have a chatbot that you can request plant details from or add plant details and photo to. (can’t find any similar chatbot tutorials)

  3. Both? A chatbot that updates a wiki

At my disposal I have enough AWS credits to host a site to put this on and some Digital Ocean credits as well which might last a few months.

Apologies if this is vague. I don’t have much experience with online databases but I have the rest of the weekend to learn.

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