How to create a Questionnaire with specific outcome sets?

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I’m building a Questionnaire with 5 sets of questions and 26 outcomes. Based on the answers chosen only 1 result must show.

At first I thought Gravity Forms conditional logic might work for this but after a few different implementations it seems like the conditional logic isn’t advanced enough for my criteria.

I can’t show a result based on the addition of values for each question because there are too many overlaps.

This image should help explain why:

This shows the logic path for the first two sets of outcomes. As you can see in the final column there are many overlaps for the final value.

If you look at the first 4 rows of Outcome 1 you can build a conditional statement along the lines of:

If Q1=2

AND Q2=14 OR 15 OR 16 OR 17

AND Q3=18

AND Q4=22

AND Q5=26 OR 27 OR 28

THEN SHOW Outcome 1

Unfortunately Gravity Forms doesn’t have this capability and I haven’t been able to find any other plugins that might enable this. My preference would be to have something I can use in the admin section so that it can be updated by the clients in the future.

Is there something out there I’m unaware of that can handle these situations or am I best building something custom here?

Thank you for your time.

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