My company need documet generator system with custom field and custom workflow.
for example i will use it for Resignation Proccess

employee input resign form (custom field)
-> { fullname, start work date, reason of resign (description) }
-> submit
-> HR verify with complete of "end work date" and verify it
-> employee download verified resign request, print it and sign it
-> upload signed resignation document
-> HR approve the resignation.

and may be in the next periode will change the flow, for example add director approval, etc. what extensions i must have?

i tried using ninja forms, its good, but i dont have a way to make dynamic proccess flow and generate pdf document from that data.

for example we have data :

Name = "Yoza Wiratama"
Reason = "I bored"

so will generate pdf document with content :

Iam Yoza Wiratama want to out from this comapny because i bored.


Read more here: How to create dynamic form, proccess flow and document generator in with wordpress?


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