How to display a custom post type category in wordpress?

Good afternoon!
For last 4 hours I’m searching an answer about my problem but I didn’t get any satisfiable answers.
Actually, my problem is that, recently I created a custom post type in wordpress and added taxonomies named category and tags. Well, the newly created custom post type is showing in the admin panel of my wordpress. It also allows me to add post and fetch them from database and do all the things that a default wordpress post offers. Only the thing that I couldn’t do is whenever I view my newly created category from custom post type, it redirects me to the page which says nothing found.

However, few months back for the same issue I found a solution in forum, where someone has suggested to place flush_rewrite_rules() just below the register_post_type(); statement. I tried to implement it to resolve my issue but it didn’t work.

Can anybody please help me addressing this issue? I would be immensely thankful to the lads.

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