How to display custom data dashboard in WordPress and update it?

I am doing a project currently using WordPress and I want to display some data to the front end from the back end.
First of all, the data will be written via the network to a folder on my server(ubuntu) and updated every 30 seconds to 1 minute.
The format available for the data is txt but they can be sent as json files also.
The form of the txt files is:
12 42837.5659846296
USDJPY -200’000 109.518 -141
0 0 1’042 2’916 2’775

Output MODE1

DISC 42837.5659839931
USDCHF -1’500’000 1.0074 1’511’105 87
USDJPY 2’250’000 109.55167 -246’491’250 890
NZDUSD -2’500’000 0.69925 1’748’136 18’086
EURAUD 300’000 1.44016 -432’049 -5’502
EURNZD 1’400’000 1.51183 -2’116’566 20’052
48’265 -1’164 7’748 20’280 29’312 66’474
MODE 2 Output

Preferably with the option to change cell colors depending on the values (and update them via ajax).
Currently this works as a desktop C# application (txt files are parsed and displayed as above).
I want to do the same on a web server (ubuntu) with WordPress as a CMS.

What I have thought about implementing this is:
1. Have a folder where the data will be updated in the back-end (txt, json format or other).
2. Parse the data in WordPress and send them to front-end with Ajax (or send them directly via Ajax and parse them in the Front-end)
3. Use custom JQuery code to create the display table and refresh the values with Ajax requests

Is there a better/easier way to achieve this?
Any other preferred combination of technologies or plugins or architecture?
Is my architecture design going to work?
Are there any limitations I should be aware of?
I have experience with high level programming languages, but I am just getting started in Web Development.
Any help is highly appreciated!

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