Let me give you a detailed information on why I want to achieve that. Basically, I want to run a Woocommerce store on WordPress multisite functionaliity with sub directory as a country.

abc.com (USA store)
abc.com/canada/ (Canada store)

There is a situation where I want to display category and sub category in different order then a normal WordPress structure.

I have category and sub category (here product category and product tag) as “Flower” and “Get well soon”. I am trying hard to change permalinks from

abc.com/canada/product-category/flower/get-well-soon/ to something meaningful as

In this the later part is changed to (child category-category).Is this something possible? In ideal condition even I should even remove category base and make permalink like


This makes permalink pretty clean.

Read more here: How to Do WordPress Permalink Setup like Subcategory-category [Woocommerce]?


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