How to enable hover effect for Woocommerce Shop Page

I have two subdomain instances of the same WordPress site (dev & staging) which I’m synchronizing, yet, when rendered to the browser, there’s a difference between the two which I cannot seem to find the source of.
The woocommerce shop page shows an image link for all the products.
One of the sites has a hover effect on that page, and the other doesn’t.

(a detailed description would be difficult and verbose, so I’ll include the url’s in a comment below.
If there’s a more appropriate way to clarify, please advise. I’m happy to oblige.)

Both instances are running identical WP versions as well as identical WooCommerce and Avada (theme) versions. They are both also on the same server.

Is there a WP or WC setting for this somewhere?
We would like to enable it for the staging site like it is on the dev site.

—BTW, I’m pretty confident that the stylistic differences will be resolved once we figure out how to enable that hover effect for the staging site.

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