Using WooCommerce REST API PHP Client Library to manage external order system. The code am using is as below:


require_once( 'lib/woocommerce-api.php' );

$options = array(
    'debug'           => true,
    'return_as_array' => false,
    'validate_url'    => false,
    'timeout'         => 30,
    'ssl_verify'      => false,

try {

    $client = new WC_API_Client( '', 'ck_enter_your_consumer_key', 'cs_enter_your_consumer_secret', $options );

    $data = $client->orders->get();


This code returning only 10 orders but I need all the records together as I want to show it in bootstrap datatable. I have searched and got one solution from here

$client->get_orders( array( 'filter[limit]' => 50 ) );

but it’s generating error

Call to undefined method WC_API_Client::get_orders()

Why get_orders() is undefined? what is the difference between get_orders() and orders->get()?

Read more here: How to fetch all orders together in woocommerce using WooCommerce REST API PHP Client Library


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