Now I’m using plugin”Facebook Group to WordPress” to import posts from facebook groups to my WordPress blog. It works fine. But it only has the function to import one group.
The thing I want to do is import more than 2 groups.

After installing the plugin, I have duplicate the plugin to import second group to install same plugin but import other facebook group, so I have done these things below.

  1. Rename plugin name
  2. Rename class names in file /group-to-wp.php and /includes/admin.php
  3. Rename post_type “fb_group_post” to “fb_group_post2”
  4. Rename “fbgr2wp” to “fbgr2wp2” and “fb2wp” to “fb2wp2”

Then I could have installed the second plugin correctly.
But it never start to import. So what should I do next?

U can see codes in fb-group-to-wp | Githum.

Read more here: How to import more than 2 groups by wordpress plugin "facebook group to wordpress"?


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