I am creating a wordpress website. I want to link my Facebook page to my wordpress website so that in my websites viewers can see my Facebook updates also. I want the view somehow like in this website:


I am following below steps to do so:

  1. In the homepage I am first adding a row.
  2. Then in the Row I am adding wordpress widget “Easy Facebook Feed” and able to see my Facebook page in website.
  3. Then in the widget setting I am setting Left and Right padding to 5 cm so that Facebook page view will come in centre.
  4. Now To add Scrollbar, I installed Plugin “Custom Scrollbar” and in this plugin settings “Target Element Selector” I copied CSS selector of the Facebook feed.
  5. After doing step 4, Scrollbar is appearing Now but all step 3 settings are spoiled and Facebook updates are stretched to whole row.

Please help me How I can achieve the view as per example website? Please correct me where I am wrong OR I should follow some other way.

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