How to make a scheduler in php?

Different services:

Users need to be able to
1. Select a service
• Based on the service they select, they need to choose a worker, i.e. stylists for haircuts/eyebrows (unless it’s something like apparel)
2. Select date & time
• This needs to be based on the worker’s availability.
• Also, if a spot is taken, users need to have the option to contact the person who occupied the spot to ask about switching
3. Contact info
• Needs to be name and phone number

At this point, it would be good to have an option to select another service and loop back to the beginning of the form if the user selects “yes”

Once a user has completed the form, a notification should be sent to them and the worker(s) about their appointment(s).

The information from the form needs to go to a Google Sheet or into an accessible dashboard that Morgan or another admin can edit

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