How to make sell video tutorials with WordPress?

Not sure if it’s the right place to ask this question, but here it goes anyway.

I want to set-up a WordPress to sell video tutorials (yeah I know there are plenty of services around there through which sell videos, but I need personal website for marketing reasons).

The idea was to create a WP category for every level of tutorial. Each level consists of a number of tutorial videos and should have a different price. At that point I would assign a single video to a page and make that page part of a category. With the use of the “Restrict Content Pro” (paid) plugin, which allows you to put certain WP categories behind a paywall, I would make the WP categories available only to those how have an active subscription.

My doubt is on how to host and embed the videos. The number of the videos will be, at full regime, around 100. I don’t expect a enormous amount of connections, but nevertheless a large amount. What is my best option?
– Hosting the videos on the same web space the site is on?
– Hosting them on Dropbox / Google Drive / Amazon S3 and link them from there?
– Using a dedicated (paid) platform?
– What plugin should I use?

As an alternative I could consider a plugin + services that provides paywall and streaming as a whole.

Any help is appreciated.

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