I am trying to build an application that will communicate with woocomerce via wordpress. For this purpose I decided to use wordpress REST API plugin wich requires me to genarate woocomerce API key in order to communicate with my app.But any time I press the generate key on woocommerce settings page, nothing happens.

So I did some researches and somes advices said I have to work on a protected site in order to acheive it (https). Only issu I am working on a localhost using Xammp and in order to make xammp work on my machine I had to set my localhost on the 8080 port. so when I connect to my localhost I write http://localhost:8080/wordpress/. Since I don’t yet want to spend on the project I followed instruction from this link in order to create my openSSL certificate. One thing to notice is that I set localhost:8080/wordpress as my common name in the certificate. I don’t know if that was a good choice.

Then, following instruction from this other link, I Enabled the New Certificate on a Server and set my site to work on https. Only issue is that I get an error from xammp saying “Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly. This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies…” when I start appache and if I call http://localhost:443/wordpress/ it says Bad request!. Can someone help please??

Read more here: How to properly add SSL certificate from openSSL in localhost using Xammp and WordPress with 8080 port


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