how to randomize content order on a page

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I am having a bit of an issue regarding how to get content on a page to randomize.

As an example there is one box and that box contain images, social media links, links to website and text. However there are multiples of these boxes one showing below the other as if they where stacked. Imagine the image below but stacked.

I am selling a designated area (center column of webpage) of my website so local business can show off their business. However the same person shows in the top spot each time. As I am not selling space by position but by your content being shown on website having the same person shown at the top each time make it look like I am showing preference to that business instead of just showcasing those businesses.

What I would like to do is randomize the order this information is shown in so that the same business doesn’t show at the top of the page each time. Instead it more or less just displaying the businesses that have bot space on the website.

Is there coding or a plugin I can use to do this? below is and example.

The area containing “custom heading, Single Image, Social Icons, ETC.” is the content I wish to randomize the position of on my website.

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