How to remove styles added to Post title in Posts pages in WordPress?

I’m using this theme below and modifying it to create a wordpress website.

As you will see from the theme, it has a slider on homepage which is connected with posts.

I wanted to change colour of a letter in every post title and also add ‘Read More’ text under some of the titles in the featured slider on homepage. I have done these by adding span tag with style for colour in the post title in dashboard and also adding br tag and then inside b tag at the end adding ‘Read More’ text.

These tags don’t appear on the homepage but they do on posts itself. I have managed to remove them in list of Posts in categories by choosing specific class and then b tag and display: none;

I can’t seem to find a way to remove these tags from showing in Next and Previous article Nav that are showing on the side of each post page, example shown below:

The above link is theme’s page so it won’t have the tags but I’m showing an example of post page in the theme with Next and Previous article Nav on the sides and that is where my issue is.

If you hover on Next and Previous article, where it shows post titles and category above it, for me it is showing tags I’ve used and I can’t find a way to remove just the tags without removing the whole post title.

I have looked into all the .php files and also via ftp but the titles don’t actually show in the code and I am not good with php so would prefer not to touch it. Hence, I’ve tried to style the slider (which shows posts featured images and post titles on homepage) this way but need help in removing these tags from Next and Previous article nav.

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