How to replace Twenty Seventeen WordPress header with slider?

I would like my header to be replaced by my slider made with the Master Slider widget. I want the slider to be full size, just like the header image is right now.

This is the header code:

?><!DOCTYPE html>
<html <?php language_attributes(); ?> class="no-js no-svg">
<meta charset="<?php bloginfo( 'charset' ); ?>">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<link rel="profile" href="">

<?php wp_head(); ?>

<body <?php body_class(); ?>>
<div id="page" class="site">
<a class="skip-link screen-reader-text" href="#content"><?php _e( 'Skip to content', 'twentyseventeen' ); ?></a>

<header id="masthead" class="site-header" role="banner">
    <?php get_template_part( 'template-parts/header/header', 'image' ); ?>

    <?php if ( has_nav_menu( 'top' ) ) : ?>
        <div class="navigation-top">
            <div class="wrap">
                <?php get_template_part( 'template-parts/navigation/navigation', 'top' ); ?>
            </div><!-- .wrap -->
        </div><!-- .navigation-top -->
    <?php endif; ?>

</header><!-- #masthead -->

// If a regular post or page, and not the front page, show the featured image.
if ( has_post_thumbnail() && ( is_single() || ( is_page() && ! twentyseventeen_is_frontpage() ) ) ) :
    echo '<div class="single-featured-image-header">';
    the_post_thumbnail( 'twentyseventeen-featured-image' );
    echo '</div><!-- .single-featured-image-header -->';

<div class="site-content-contain">
    <div id="content" class="site-content">

The shortcode for my slider is:
[masterslider id=”1″]

PHP function:

How can I insert this image slider to replace the header image on the front page only without affecting the rest of the page?


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