How to set up OAuth 1.0a for wordpress in Android?

I am currently working on an app for a custom wordpress site, (So hosted on a different server than wordpress’ servers).

In that app we want to give users a way to register and create an account for the site, and using that account they could like posts and do things like reacting to posts.

The way I chose is OAuth 1.0a, probably a good way to ensure safety for our users. (I am still in development stage, the only thing showing is a RecyclerView with a list of all articles from a wp-json page, and this is something that would require me to redo a lot of stuff later, when I already got everything working.)

Now I already installed OAuth1.0a server on the instance for wordpress. I also registered the application. And i got that key and that secret. Now I need a way to setup logging in and registering in the app. I couldn’t find any tutorial online about how to do that, I found Scribe-Java, already made my own api-preset, but when acquiring the link to authorize the token, I get a networkonmainthread error.

What is the ideal way of doing OAuth 1.0a logging in/registering?

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