What I have right now is a product category hierarchy (A => (B =>
(C,D), (E,F) ) ) that contains products which have only one of two tags on them, X or Z.
What I’m aiming for is a menu in which to be able to specify the ‘Product category’ for the menu element (which is possible by default), AND also the ‘Product tag’ that the shown products must have, X or Z.

As an example I have let’s say the product category ‘Ovens and the tags ‘myline’ & ‘othersuppliers’. So basically I want to be able to create menus that show the product category Ovens but with a tag filter for ‘myline’ and in another menu to show the same product category Ovens but with the tag filter for ‘othersuppliers’.

Hopefully this fully explains the situation. I mostly need a direction to for, if there’s a filter that I can apply to menus in which to constrain the displayed results by tag that would be great. Or maybe a simple plugin for this.

Thank you!

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