How to structure custom post types with shared categories?

I have been banging my head against the wall for hours now trying to figure out how to structure information for a website.

The hierarchy is as follows.

Solutions (CPT) -> Information Technology -> Microsoft

Branches (CPT) -> Information Technology -> Microsoft

I tried to create custom post types for each top level (Solutions and Branches) and give them categories (parent: Information Technology chid: Microsoft).

This results in some headaches. For example my categories page for Information Technology both contains Solution posts and Branches posts.

To counter that i tried to create another top layer of categories:
Solutions (CPT) -> Solutions -> Information Technology -> Microsoft

This is messing with my breadcrumbs however (Homepage >> Solutions >> Solutions >> Information Technology >> Microsoft)

Furthermore i need to create different category and archive pages which generates alot of overhead.

Each custom post type will share categories with identical names.

Any suggestions how I should approach this?

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