How to structure new website while preserving the current one? has been online since about year 2000. It is a 2.5 GB website used by my bicycle club, with HTML4 pages and CSS2, entirely hosted at the root of a single directory (containing many sub-directories) at Dreamhost.

Under the same domain name, I plan to create with my successor webmaster a new website for the exact same purpose, this time using Joomla or WordPress to be more modern, with a Start-up Date within the year 2020. I don’t know the first step I need to perform: structuring the work.

Before Start-up Date, I currently assume, based on my searches on the web, that the new website, under construction and not advertised (closed to robots), should be visible on the subdomain Meanwhile, I want the old website, still updated, to continue to be accessible from the current domain

After Start-up Date, I want the new website, then solely updated, to be visible on the domain Meanwhile, the old website, no longer updated, would continue to be accessible from the subdomain, advertised and open to robots,

Am I on the good forum with this problem ?

If YES, in term of structure (including its necessary changes), is this whole objective a good (and feasible) one or should I consider another -more realistic- objective ? There will be subsequent questions on “how-to”. Here, I simply want to be sure I am asking the good question in order to spare the valuable time of those who will be kind enough to advise. TIA

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