How to test if an embed Youtube video is counting on visualizations?

I have a WordPress site with with the Maxima theme, which allows to put an embed youtube video in my site using a shortcode:

[youtube height="500" width="760"][/youtube]

However, my customer wanted to put in the site an image (with a video frame) which links to the Youtube page of the video, because he is not sure if the embed video will count for the visualizations of that video inside Youtube.

According to the internet, in most but not all cases embed videos will count for the video visualizations. For example, usually videos setting as autoplay will not count (and is a bad practice anyway, but that was not my case)

I tried to view the video from the site, but it did not increased it’s visualization count; however, since I already viewed that video a lot of times, and I was the one who uploaded it, it’s very possible that my computer/IP will not be able to change the counter, since “Repeated views from the same user over a short period of time typically don’t count”, according to one of that links about embed videos.

So, I want to know if there is a proper way to test or discover if my embeded video is counting, instead of relying in manual visualization with different computers to see if the counter changes where, as the links said, embed videos may or may not count. Is there a way to test or know this information?

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