How to use WooCommerce on a custom Theme

I am using the Underscores theme on WordPress, with which I created my own custom HTML and CSS from scratch. Now I would like to sell stuff on my website and so I thought about using WooCommerce. I already declared WooCommerce to my custom theme in the functions.php.

What I would like to do is, create a shop page with my own html/css and put WooCommerce codes in it. For example, lets say I have something like this:

<h2>Product Name</h2>
Woo Commerce Code for Product Name

Woo Commerce Code for price

<div class="green">
Woo Commerce Code for Cart

<div class="red">
Woo Commerce Code for Updating Cart
</div> code here

I already did this on my page, but it is not working 100%. For example the update card code wasn’t working. My Question is, is it even possible to use WooCommerce like this? Because I just cut out php codes from WooCommerce files and put them to my custom HTML page.

What I am afraid of is if I have to use their HTML templates. I can just modify the CSS then which would be very bad since sometimes I need to use HTML like above and WooCommerce uses Table Cells.

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