I am making a website for my solo run farm project and this is my second year.
In order to gain some momentum and use my powers for good, I’d like to host a seedling fundraiser that is linked to my website with a map on it. People can take the seedlings, guerrilla garden in the large city nearby, and then be able to post on the map effectively creating a roadmap of where people planted so that free vegetables can be harvested all summer long by anyone who sees this map. Free, accessible, community driven public gardening.

I have connected the mapping tool into a page, but cannot figure out how to allow open contributions of markers on the map for everyone who plants to use. Needed ; a location marker, three pictures uploaded to show the place, and perhaps a description to be left by any new contributor.

This is the website that I am working on if you want to know… http://www.classicevegardens.com
And this is the place and tool that I got the idea from . https://deaddrops.com

I am fairly novice, and would actually really like to learn how to be able to do this.

Thanks if anyone wants to help out

Read more here: I am trying to make a website and want to put in a map so people can open contribute. Can anyone tell me how to go about it?


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