I can’t install demo on server

I’m tring to install demo theme on the server. This is the button that I must click to install demo:

<td colspan="2">
                <h3>Found Demos From Live Server</h3>
                     <ul class="preview-demos">
                                        <a class="demo-item" href="****/wp-admin/themes.php?page=pbrthemer_options_import_page&amp;package=eventiz&amp;doaction=download">
                                                                                    <img src="http://wpsampledemo.com/opal/theme_preview.png">
                                                                                    <span>Eventiz Sample</span>

I Obtain this error:

This theme has not any package ready for installing demo.

So the folder themes–>eventiz exist in my server and I modify permissions to 777. I don’t knwo what I wrong. Anyone can help me?

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