I messed up something big. A basic PHP

I was working on a wordpress website. The issue I was trying to fix was the header on top was not working in a mobile view. I went into my header.php and tried fixing it but ended up making a mistake and now the header is completely missing.

    <?php if(qode_startit_options()->getOptionValue('show_back_button') == "yes") { ?>

     <?php qode_startit_get_header(); ?>
         <a id='qodef-back-to-top'  href='#'>
                <span class="qodef-icon-stack">
<?php } ?>

      <?php qode_startit_get_full_screen_menu(); ?>

    <div class="qodef-content" <?php qode_startit_content_elem_style_attr(); ?>>
 <div class="qodef-content-inner">

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