Importing RSS Feed Elements to Custom Fields

I have a site where I incorporated several RSS feeds from news sources, using wp rss aggregator plugin, these feeds automatically create a post with every new article. I am trying to add a new source from the SEC. The feed works fine but with the SEC feed I’m trying to reformat the data, basically move feed Elements (numbers specific feed data etc) around into a table or remove a element but not add anything new to the pages. Also the feed uses ““.

Just looking to get pointed in the right direction, in the plugin there is a field to input the rss elements that write to custom fields, from there I can move the element around, i’ve only had success adding the articles “title”. Not sure this is the best approach but I can’t even isolate any element. I read the Atom guide on syntax. I added php tag to this question, if a php solution is best I can go that way, not married to the plugin. Thank you.

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