Integrate CMS content on an external site dynamically

I am led to choose a CMS as part of a subject. The two options are : Drupal or WordPress

I work on a site where I want to manage the editorial part on the CMS, but for the user experience to be transparent I would like to integrate the content made on this one in my portal.

My question is: What are the means at my disposal to integrate all the CMS content?

I thought about using an iframe but I’m worried about rendering at the site level. Do you have examples of implementations?

I have seen that we can also use plugins for this purpose but this requires a specific development for each edition on CMS which is problematic in my case because the purpose of this choice is precisely to get away from the technical (development ) for the editor and that integration is dynamic at the site level.

If you have tracks or implementation orientations I am taker

Thank you very much !

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