I have a website: example.com with Angular 2 on the Front end.
I would like to add on the Nav Bar: blog so I can have: example.com/blog

The blog future design will contain different existing component as:

  • Header (angular 2 component)
  • Side bar (angular 2 component)

What’s new on the design?

  • A slider of articles on the top
  • Wrapper of articles on the main container

My question is what the best solution to manage this blog and still have a good SEO Control ?

  1. Create a separate WordPress blog with similar Themes to my design and rewrite angular component to php? And at the end have a subdomain as: blog.example.com
  2. Make an account on WordPress, Use it as a CMS and use the WP API? And at the end have: example.com/blog
  3. Create a separate WordPress blog with only articles (blog.example.com), grab the RSS Feed from it and insert to the Website?
  4. Other Solution?

Thank you guys!

Read more here: Integrate WordPress Blog to Website with existing Angular 2 components [on hold]


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