Is it possible to alter ‘get_price_html()’ using jQuery?

I have created an Input Text Field on a WooCommerce Single Product Page, which allows users to enter text. I have also applied the relevant jQuery coding, to Output on the Product Page, the amount of Characters entered into the Input Text Field.

For every character entered into the Input Text Box, I want the get_price_html() Output to increase by £2. Conversely, should someone enter text and then remove a letter, I would need the get_price_html() Output to decrease by £2. Naturally, the resultant Output would need to be reflect across the Order Form and Email Templates as get_price_html() currently does.

Am I right in saying that jQuery would solve this issue?

Simply put, I need the get_price_html() to calculate and Output the sum of:

Product Price + (Character Count * £2)

Any help on this matter, would be greatly appreciated.

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